AM PM Nationwide Security Inc. are dedicated to providing maximum level of protection to businesses or properties, whether it’s a hotel, warehouse, government facility, restaurant, construction site or shopping centers. We provide professionally  trained Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Services with dedication, integrity and strong leadership skills. AM PM Nationwide Security hire only dedicated and committed Security Guards who are licensed, Criminal Background Records checked, drug screened, experienced, reliable, trustworthy and are extensively  trained for specific locations. We are proud of our team of honest, loyal and experienced security Guards in Los Angeles County. We guarantee our Security Guards in Los Angeles County as the best. We are committed to protect property, people and assets of our community. Our Security Guard Company have highly experienced and trained Security Experts in preparing and implementation of most suitable Security Solutions for any type of situations to meet the budget requirements. We provide Free Consultation and Competitive Price to suite your Budget. We serve on Trial Basis and after complete satisfaction, Clients can continue our security services on Contract Basis.

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AM PM Nationwide Security is one of the most innovative and trusted security guard service provider in Southern California. Our highly experienced security specialists are proud of providing best security solutions according to the requirements of our clients. To make sure of our best quality of security guards services in Los Angeles County, all security guards of AM PM Nationwide Security must complete vigorous on-job training and background checks before deployment to the post. AM PM Nationwide Security committed to exceed our clients’ expectations and their full satisfaction.



We are a leading security guards services provider in Los Angeles County, southern California with state-of-the-art high-tech smart security equipment, highly trained, well-groomed and trustworthy armed and unarmed security guards.


Our armed security guards are licensed, background checked, fingerprint checked and thoroughly trained to make sure safety and protection of people, property, and assets of our community.


Our unarmed security guards are professional, highly visible and vigilant to ensure safety and protection of property, people, and assets of our community.


Professional and Highly visible Security vehicles, cars, trucks, golf carts equipped with high-tech smart security equipment


Our fire watch security guards protect property from fire hazard disasters. Our Fire Watch Security Guards are experienced, thoroughly trained and completely reliable for fire watch jobs.


If you get difficult illegal occupant or tenants who threaten physical harm to you and are unpredictable. This is an awkward situation. Consider hiring security guard services to deal such difficult situation


Parking lots demand special security consideration in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. when law enforcement officials warn about thieves actively target shoppers and vehicles.


Thefts in retail stores have increased recently. Loss Prevention plan is critical for all retailers. It has become necessary to have Loss Prevention professionals

AM PM Nationwide Security Inc. has over 32 years of collective experience in law enforcement. Our highly experienced and professional Managers work directly with our valued clients to provide them best security solutions to suite their specific requirements. Our concept of response management is to address every individual requirement on priority basis for continuity of our security guards services to the best satisfaction of our valued clients:

  • Customized Security Guard Services
  • Industrial Security
  • Residential Security
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
  • Patrol Roving Services.


Before making any decision just go through a few of our qualities listed below which helps you on what makes us superior and good fit for you.


Licensed by State of California

We are licensed by State of California and legalized to serve and secure our community throughout California.

24/7 Customer Support

Our 24/7 Response Teams are available to immediately deter any crime before hand and give answers to your queries 24/7 a day.

Highly Experienced and Qualified

We have over 32 years of cumulative law enforcement experience and our highly experienced security experts are proud of providing best security solutions to our clients according to their requirements and well within their budget. AM PM Nationwide Security Inc. are committed to exceed our clients’ expectations and full satisfaction.

Honest and Trustworthy Security Guards

AM PM Nationwide Security hire only dedicated and committed Security Guards who are licensed, background checked, drug screened, experienced, reliable, and trustworthy and are thoroughly trained for specific jobs. We are proud of our team of honest and trustworthy Security Guards.

24/7 Customer Support & Monitoring Dispatch Center

We have 24/7 Monitoring & Dispatch Center to deter any security threat before it occurs to protect people and property. Our 24/7 Response Team is available to immediately deter any crime before it occurs and give answers to your queries 24/7 a day.

Roving Security Guard

We have Roving Security Guards Team who patrol properties at a set schedule in a Professional Security Vehicle equipped with smart security.

Use Of High-Tech Smart Innovative Technologies

AM PM Nationwide Security are leader in introducing and adopting high tech smart security equipment to enhance and cover large sensitive areas. We completely secured and protected large properties with the use of these smart security equipment. The use of these smart things also reduced cost of extra security guards for large sensitive areas.

Property Eviction Security Officers

We provide Emergency Eviction Security Officers specifically trained to complete the process of Property Eviction.

Mobile Patrolling

AM PM Nationwide Security provide Professional and highly visible Security vehicles to patrol around the property to deter any security threats before it happens.

24/7 Random Monitoring of Security Supervisors

Management and Security Supervisors are available 24/7. Security Supervisors randomly check working of on duty Security Guards at different locations and immediately response to emergencies. Security Supervisors report directly to the management to take on the spot necessary action.
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Call us 24/7 at (+1) 888-212-5229 to discuss your security requirements and solutions.

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AM PM Nationwide Security is ready to provide security within budget and guarantee safety in any situation.

We utilized security services of AM PM Nationwide Security for 24 hours coverage seven days a week for years. The level of services we received from AM PM has been extremely beneficial to us. The communication from the management staff has been very good. All questions are answered promptly and acted upon with a sense of urgency. The Security Officers they provide are always professional and are courteous to each person they meet. AM PM Nationwide Security services should be considered as they are professional security services provider in California.

Davinia Miler
Human Resources

AM PM Nationwide Security Company has been the sole provider of our security needs for the last 9 years. We have found their security personnel to always be alert, intelligent, and friendly. They have always been open to the never-ending changes that we requested which were brought on by federal, industry, and corporate mandates. The guards are always professionally groomed and uniformed. In the rare instance when there seems to be any security threat, it was always handled promptly and to our total satisfaction. I would highly recommend AM PM Nationwide Security as the best security provider.

Claudia Harker
Corporate Secretary

There are always two security guards holding the doors for us as we leave at the end of each workday.  Yesterday, one guard noticed a man coming across the parking lot towards the building and asked the other security guard to watch him as I went to my car, which was parked on the row by the street.  As soon as the man coming across the lot saw the security guard coming towards him, he turned around and left the parking lot. The security guard stayed right there until I got in my car and drove off the lot.  These two security guards were very observant and made me feel very safe. Excellent I highly recommend security services of AM PM Nationwide Security Inc.

Sarah Dallachy
House Owner

I am the Night Transportation Supervisor at our trucking facility in Los Angeles. I work with the Security Officer nightly Sunday night thru Thursday night. In the past month, we have experienced a major spike in volume. The result of this has been very hectic nights with a high volume of yard traffic. I just wanted to make someone aware of the excellent job the Security Officer of AM PM is doing. He has gone above and beyond his normal job description to help me out on several occasions. He always has a good attitude and is willing to do whatever I ask. Thanks AM PM Nationwide Security for excellent services.

Astian Flakelar
CEO Gsm Group
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